• Nicolas Cage Is Finally Going to Get to Play Superman

    One year ago - By Hypebeast

    Once upon a career, Nicolas Cage was poised to play the alien boy scout Superman in Tim Burton's Superman Lives , hot off the director's tenure with Batman. Of course, it never saw the light of day. But outside of director Jon Schnepp's The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? documentary, folks will finally see Nic Cage play The Man of Steel in the upcoming Teen Titans: Go! film.
    Alongside Cage will be rapper Lil Yachty and singer Halsey as Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, respectively. Talking to USA Today , executive producer Sam Register has stated, "Every superhero in the DC...
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  • Get To Work! Here's What The Duggar Boys Actually Do All Day

    Get To Work! Here's What The Duggar Boys Actually Do All Day

    One year ago - By OK!

    Duggar family business!
    With the Duggar women being at the forefront of the ever-growing family's fame, not much is known about the day-to-day life of a Duggar brother.
    However, in a recently released TLCMe video, the Duggar boys explained what a day in the life of a Duggar boy actually looks like.
    As the younger boys ( Justin , Jedidiah , Jeremiah , James , and Jason ) geared up for a long day of mowing, Josiah explained the family's goal of having the boys learn as many skills as possible before they choose to settle down.
    “The way it kind of works for guys in my family who are trying to...
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