• L'hommage

    One year ago - By Schön! Magazine

    Blazer / Lemaire
    Belt / Dawid Tomaszewski
    Skirt / Stylist's own
    Photographer duo Aglaja Brix & Florian Maas takes us on an urban adventure in this Schön! online editorial. In an urban narrative, fashion by Angel Macias sees model Alina clad in Marina Hoermanseder, Nam and Antonia Goy as she sets foots in exploration of the outer confines of the city.
    Shirt & trousers / Antonia Goy
    Scarf / Helen Moore
    Skirt / Richert Beil Blouse & trousers / Marina Hoermanseder
    Shoes / Nam Gloves / Acby
    Ring / Stylist's own Dress / Dstm
    Corset / Marina Hoermanseder Opposite
    Shirt & trousers...
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