• Can Someone Please Explain the New Beyoncé Wax Figure to Us?

    One year ago - By Flare

    Here we freakin' go again. Ladies and gentlemen, there is photographic evidence that some humans in the world do not know who Beyoncé is and have, in fact, never actually seen her. Behold:
    According to the curators of the wax museum in Niagara Falls, this is Beyoncé. pic.twitter.com/jrhd1J1qlI
    - Ama Scriver February 11, 2018
    Yes, this figurine-with chunky Kate Gosselin-esque blonde streaks and a name tag that makes her more look like a tour guide at the wax museum, than one of its “works of art”-is indeed supposed to be the likeness of actual queen Beyoncé (and we have writer Ama Scriver...
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