• Tattoo Artist Creates Rihanna Portraits Using Fenty Beauty Makeup

    One year ago - By Allure

    What better way to toast Rihanna's Fenty Beauty than with badass body art of Rihanna created with Fenty Beauty products?
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  • 29 Real Women Share Their Beauty Resolutions For 2018

    One year ago - By Essence

    Oftentimes the best kind of real-world inspiration comes from the women closest to us - our tribe. So when thinking about the 2018 beauty habits we plan to kick or the products we pledge to use each day , we turned to the ESSENCE community for inspiration.
    To ensure that we radiate beauty all year long, we asked 29 women to share their beauty resolutions. From super inspirational to extremely practical, their answers did not disappoint.
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    1. Shari Brown
    "My beauty resolutions for 2018 are to step up my masking game and to drink more water...
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  • Savage Fenty Beauty Clap Backs That Remind Us to Never Come for Rihanna

    Savage Fenty Beauty Clap Backs That Remind Us to Never Come for Rihanna

    One year ago - By StyleCaster

    In the internet community, Rihanna is known as the clap back queen. There is no troll too intimidating and no shade too savage for her to face. And when it comes to Fenty Beauty, her just-launched award-winning makeup company, you better believe that Rihanna is defending her baby until the day she dies.
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    Of course, there are always trolls who can never take the hint and decide to come for RihRih, despite her past of epic shut downs. Some of these critics happen to be fans , while others are pure haters, who deserve no...
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