• Elite World Group to launch avatar models in collaboration with Igoodi

    3 days ago - By Fashion United

    Image: Igoodi
    Fashion talent management company Elite World Group has announced it will be introducing photorealistic 3D avatars to its offer in collaboration with Italian avatar firm, Igoodi.
    The metaverse-based tool, which utilises Web3 technology, aims to create avatars that portray a lifelike digital version of a physical person.
    The feature implements Igoodi's Smart Body dataset, a technology that can capture a model's anthropometric measurements through a scanning process.
    By incorporating the new technology, EWG is aiming to offer a versatile form of model management that it said...
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  • 3D Printing in Fashion: How Are 3D Printers Used in the Fashion Industry?

    3D Printing in Fashion: How Are 3D Printers Used in the Fashion Industry?

    3 days ago - By Flux Magazine

    Words Al Woods 3D printing technology is continuing to gain popularity in many industries. It's no longer a technology confined to only prototyping; it's now being used to create finished products, including clothing and accessories. Below, we describe ways in which 3D printing technology is utilized in the fashion industry.
    1/ 3D Printing Makes It Easier to Come Up With New Fashion Designs
    With 3D printing, fashion designers can create both simple and complex shapes and structures of fashions that would be difficult or impossible to create using traditional manufacturing methods. You can...
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