• Smile, narcissus, smile!

    11 days ago - By Schön! Magazine

    Left to right
    Eric wears top. LEBRAND trousers. T.VDB hat. Vintage earrings. Maxime Leblanc Jewellery
    Lorenzo wears top. Barbie earrings. Maxime Leblanc Jewellery
    Crack a smile in this Schön! editorial produced by photographer Quentin Legallo with fashion by Ophélie Hippocrate. Models Lorenzo , Eric , Makhan and Hugo are styled in looks by Barbie, Amélia Sokoloff, Garçons Infidèles and others. Hair by Alexis Mercier and make up by Calyspo Sam .
    Lorenzo wears jacket. Youth Claim earrings. Begum Khan Makhan wears jacket. Laura Vita earrings. Goossens necklaces. Kitesy & La Môme Bijou...
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